Silver Credit Card

The lowest in the hierarchy of precious metal named credit cards, silver credit cards have been around since the conception of credit cards in the mid-1950s. Today silver cards have been surpassed in prestige by gold credit cards and platinum credit cards and so have more commonly come to be known as 'standard' or 'basic' credit cards.

Silver credit cards are meant for those who love to indulge in shopping, dining, holidaying, etc. These are basic cards, being offered to people to making the cash handling easy. With the power of credit card in your pocket, you can shop even when you don’t have money. However, this does not mean that you don’t have to pay afterwards.

silver credit cards are shoppers’ card that offer discounts in the form of reward points. On every purchase, cardholders get few points, which they can spend at specified joints, once accumulated in reasonable number.

Why do I need this??

With the Silver Credit Card:

  • You have access to credit when it suits you
  • You can purchase goods and services over the counter as well as online, locally and globally
  • You get a personalised and competitive rate
  • You can set a personalised credit limit of between R 3,000 and R 35,000
  • The Budget facility enables you to pay off your debt over a period that suits you best
  • You don't pay a transaction fees on local purchases made with your Silver Credit Card
  • You earn eBucks when making purchases

* lower annual membership fees (if any)
* lower threshold salary which you need to earn if you want to apply
* the same credit limit as other credit cards if you have a good credit history or manage your card sensibly
* 0% interest for between 6 - 9 months when transferring your account balance from one credit provider to another
The simple fact is, if you are not that fussed over the 'image' you portray when you are out shopping with your credit card, and are more concerned with how you manage your credit card debit, then silver credit cards are certainly more favourable than any other credit cards on offer.
  • Total security
    The card is a single use card, which can be used only for one transaction, after which its validity expires. Even if you do not use the card, it automatically expires within 24-48 hours. This ensures that only you can use it to make a transaction and it is of no use to anyone who gets hold of it later.
  • You set the limits
    It allows you to specify the amount for the eShop Card. This means that you are always in control.
  • Accepted everywhere
    You can use the card on any site that accepts VISA cards.
  • One Consolidated Statement
    Your Axis Bank Credit Card statement will contain all purchases made with the eShop Cards, just like any other transaction.

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