Platinum Credit Card

The platinum credit card was once the preferred card level for status-conscious cardholders. Consumers who had high incomes and high credit scores were eligible for the lowest balance transfer and purchase APR offers, exclusive “members only” benefits and the best rewards programs.

Today, this status platinum credit card has become more of the status quo. Platinum credit cards have become more accessible to the average consumer generally those who have a solid credit history.

The platinum credit card that offers you the lowest interest rates and the highest rewards at places where you spend the most.

Why do I need this??

With the Platinum Credit Card:

  • Access to the slow Lounges: slow Domestic, slow International and slow in the City
  • You get a personalised and competitive interest rate: which can be up to 3% lower than other products.
  • You'll receive higher limits than on any other products
  • Benefit from free Automatic Debt Protection
  • You get up to 2 months interest free. So if you pay in full you will be charged no interest
  • Get access to the services of a Premier Banker
  • You'll have access to a free Auto Payment Solution. No debit order fee
  • Free lost card protection and PIN Replacement
  • Score Card Bonus Points: Every time you use your Platinum Preferred Card, you’ll earn bonus points toward great merchandise, like appliances and sports equipment or earn airline mileage.
  • Concierge Service: Whether arranging a dinner, planning a golf outing or scoring tickets to a special event, these services and more are available through this special Concierge Service.
  • Travel Accident Insurance: You and your family will automatically be covered with common carrier travel accident insurance every time you use your card to pay for your fare.
  • 90-Day Product Protection: Protects your retail purchases for 90 days after the date of purchase against loss, theft, or breakage.
  • Travel Reservation Service: Access a full service travel agency via a toll-free number.
  • Payment Card Registration: Register credit and debit cards at one time and in one place so reporting stolen or lost cards is easy and convenient.

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