NRI Services

Almost all the Indian Banks provide services to the NRIs. There are different types of accounts for them. They are:

» Non-Resident (Ordinary) Account - NRO A/c
» Non-Resident (External) Rupee Account - NRE A/c
» Non-Resident (Foreign Currency) Account - FCNR A/c

An Indian resident who is earning forign exchange can also maintain Foreign Currency account in the country with an authorised dealer bank but only to the maximum limit of 50% of such foreign exchange earnings under the Exchange Earners Foreign Currency Account (EEFC) Scheme.

What are the special features of each bank account?

The special features are as under:

  • NRO A/c

    The funds, credited to this account, cannot be repatriated outside India in foreign exchange, without prior permission of the Reserve Bank of India. Interest, earned is eligible for repatriation outside India, net of Indian taxes. The remittance of interest (net of taxes) will be permitted by the authorised dealer who maintains the account, if the account holder makes an application to the authorised dealer, in the prescribed form. No RBI permission is required for remittance of interest.

  • NRE A/c.:

    The funds, standing to the credit of this account, as well as interest earned thereon, are remittable outside India in free foreign exchange, without permission of the RBI. The interest income is not subject to Indian Income-tax. Credits to the accounts should be in the form of remittance in foreign exchange from outside India, as well as other funds, which are eligible to be remitted outside India, in free foreign exchange. Funds, emanating from local sources, are not eligible to be credited to these accounts, unless these funds are otherwise remittable outside India, in terms of the existing Exchange Control Regulations.

  • FCNR A/c.:

    These accounts can be opened in four foreign currencies:

    • Pounds Sterling;
    • US Dollars;
    • Japanese Yen;
    • Euro.

    For the purpose of opening an account, remittance in foreign exchange, in the same currency, should be received in India. The accounts can be opened only as fixed deposits, with a minimum maturity of one year and, a maximum maturity of three years. The principal, as well as interest, earned on these accounts, is remittable outside India, in the same currency or, in other convertible currency, as desired by the account holder. The interest, earned on these deposits, is exempt from Indian Income-tax.

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