Gold Credit Card

The Gold Credit Card offers high credit limits and other benefits to support your lifestyle. This Gold Credit Card provides you with a safe and convenient means of making purchases and you can also:
• Get up to 55 days interest-free credit
• Get access to additional funds to use as you please when required
• Use your credit card to make purchases safely online or at merchant stores

Why do I need this??

With the Gold Credit Card:

  • You have access to credit when it suits you
  • You can purchase goods and services over the counter as well as online, locally and globally
  • You get a personalised and competitive rate
  • You can set a personalised credit limit of between R 10,000 and R 60,000
  • The Budget facility enables you to pay off your debt over a period that suits you best
  • You don't pay transaction fees on local purchases made with your Gold Credit Card
  • You earn eBucks when making purchases
  • Get up to 15% back on your fuel purchases
  • Travel assistance for emergencies.
  • Travel insurance that covers accidents.
  • Guarantees for fraud.
  • An extended warranty offered on purchases.
  • Protection on purchases.
  • Higher than average credit limits.

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