In common parlance commodities means goods and products of all types. However, the Foreign Currency Regulation Act, as deigned by the Government of India defines commodities as ‘every kind of movable property other than actionable claims, money and securities’.

There is something known as futures trading which is prearranged in the goods or commodities that the Central Government has permitted after much contemplation.

Presently, all commodities produced in the sectors of the following origination have been sanctioned futures trading. This has been done under the guidelines provided FCRA to the exchanges.


The word commodity came into use in English in the 15th century, from the French commodite, to a benefit or profit. Going further back, the French word derived from the Latin commoditatem(nominative commoditas) meaning "fitness, adaptation". The Latin root commod- meant variously "appropriate", "proper measure, time or condition" and "advantage, benefit".

Recently, many industry individuals have begun to identify workers' compensation insurance as a commodity.

  • Grains

    Some of the most popular commodities to trade. The grain commodities are very active during the spring and summer.
    • Soybeans
    • Wheat
    • Rough Rice
    • Oats

  • Energy

    Fueling and heating the country, the energy commodities allow you to take advantage of everything from rising gas prices to supply disruptions in the Gulf of Mexico.
    •Crude Oil
    •Heating Oil
    •Unleaded Gas
    •Natural Gas

  • Metals

    The metal commodities allow you to speculate on the price of precious metals or fluctuations in the prices of industrial metals.
    • Silver
    • Copper

  • Softs

    The softs markets cover many of the food and fiber commodities. They are often consider exotic as many of these commodities are predominately grown in other regions of the world.
    • Cotton
    • Cocoa
    • Coffee
    • Sugar
    • Lumber
    • Orange Juice

  • Livestock

    Pork bellies are probably the most recognized among the livestock commodities. Beef and pork are staples in most diets and these commodities offer some of the most reliable trending patterns.
    •Live Cattle
    •Lean Hogs

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